General terms and conditions

1. The order for location proposals will be fullfilled following the confirmation of the order by the client.

2. Photos and data sheets will be provided to the client for his personal usage.
The material provided can only be used once. Incase it is needed again Johannes Adler is to be consulted and additional fees will be raised.

3. The service fee to be paid to the location scout Johannes Adler for location searches are not dependent on the success of the search or the actual utilisation of a proposed location.

4. The agreed professional fee rates are fixed and binding. Hence, no discounts can be granted.

5. Bills by Johannes Adler to the purchaser have to be payed within 14 days.

6. Johannes Adler only works for companies with a branch office in Germany.

Location scouting
for cinema/TV/video/short film/video € 320,-/location/day with alternatives if possible
for commercials/photographies/event € 420,-/location/day with alternatives if possible

Vehicle flat rate
€ 70,-/day,
inside Brandenburg county including fuel costs,
beyond Brandenburg county additional fuel costs (with bill).

Database research from my own location database
for cinema/TV/video/short film/video € 320,-/location with alternatives if possible
for commercials/photographies/event 420,-/location with alternatives if possible

Database research for a location comprises all research criteria for corresponding locations from my location database.
Inquiries pertaining to location selection, photos (online-gallery, email or CD) and telephone costs are included.
In the case of private locations we always accompany the first inspection and charge it by hours. For the prices of all services it doesn't matter if the offered locations are used or not.

All kind of locations to rent cost between € 1500,- and € 5000,- per day, offices, shops or restaurants maybe even more.

All prices plus value added tax.